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Dec 4, 2011 6:00pm PST
, there is no work. >> reporter: the dot-com boom drew them from texas to california and now the prolonged job bust is forcing them out. california unemployment rate is 11.7%. duane cannot find work and last week the bank foreclosed on his family's home. you viewed california as the land of opportunity, how do you view it now? >> personally, i feel like it's the land that we need to get out of, very fast. >> reporter: the conders are moving back to texas where unemployment is lower, 8.4%. in 2010 texas gained nearly 75,000 new residents while california lost nearly 130,000. the biggest state to state shift in the country was people leaving the golden state and heading to the lone star state. and jobs are just one reason. housing is another. this three bedroom home in los angeles recently sold for more than a million dollars. yet here in a suburb of austin, texas this four bedroom home sold for $387,000. the people who bought it, moved from california. >> we'll stay here in texas and we visit california quite a bit. >> reporter: bill moved his family and computer consulting business from california
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Dec 3, 2011 4:00pm PST
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Dec 18, 2011 5:00am PST
in the middle of a football field after a game. this was happening at cowboy stadium in texas. you see they finally get it stopped but a couple of people had to go to the hospital. >>> also, many of you are getting ready for the holidays, getting ready to travel somewhere. some of you need to be getting ready for snow. a major winter storm expected to drop more than a foot of snow in a number of places. reynolds wolf will have the very latest on what you need to know. >>> you'll remember it started with shock and awe for america's long military involvement in iraq is now over. the last convoy left iraq and arrived in kuwait overnight. cnn was at the border crossing for this historic moment. >> it's been in planning for more than a year now. tremendous amount of coordination and synchronization every day but the amount of bases we've closed, redeployed equipment, brought all these troops out, it is quite a accomplishment. >> it is a feeling of elation. it really is. to see what we've accomplished in the last 8 1/2 years and to be part of the last movement out of iraq, hard to put words
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Dec 18, 2011 3:00am PST
and wearing green pajamas and poka dots. take a look at this from the stadium in dallas, texas, a run away cart, oh, my gosh, plows over a bunch of people after a championship game. one man taken to the hospital with a leg injury and another was hurt, but not seriously. someone finally jumped on the electric cart and stopped it. those are your headlines. >> hate when that happens. >> check with rick reichmuth. i felt he was controlling with it his aye phone. >> that's scary. >> another dry day across the east, the coldest all winter, bundle up as you're heading out this morning. blizzard watches pushing for parts of the plains, that's for, i'll show you that and some severe weather threats across texas as well. and the setup today, not looking that bad. yesterday was pretty calm and a little snow across the great lakes and we'll see that again. and the counter clock wise disturbance about to change everything. a lot of people possibly travelling this week for christmas. the setup on the radar, not looking like frp right now. but throughout the day today. in across arizona and new mexico an
Dec 18, 2011 3:30pm PST
female soldier was specialist britney hampton, from texas. >> i'm just proud, honestly. i'm glad it's over. a sense of relief. >> reporter: military families like hers carried the burden of this war. other americans at times preferred to ignore. hampton's father served four tours in iraq. she's finishing one. her fiance did one too. >> we're going to have christmas at our house this year. that's all i'm looking forward to, all i can think about. >> reporter: now it is over, after many are struggling with injuries, trauma, divorce and anger. today, the troops left with their spirits high. >> it is a great day for not just for me, but for everybody. all the sacrifices the united states made and over the course of the iraq war. >> reporter: a controversial war, perhaps not mission accomplished, but at least now mission complete. also, lester, after all of these years of war, the iraqis have paid a heavy price, about 150,000 iraqis killed since the conflict began. and here it is, lester, the last vehicle. and you can see where the soldiers wrote in chalk, just that, last vehicle out of
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Dec 23, 2011 4:00pm PST
the day. and move the system through that caused those winds. that's now into texas and new mexico we are seeing heavy snow at this hour. >> jamie: holiday travel would you go for it or cancel. >> most spots i-9 a the entire ride looking great. texas see some issues. we do have snow right now. as it continues to drift its way eastward rainfall across the entire state of texas into louisiana. down through arkansas. be mindful of that as you head out for your travels during the day. >> jamie: i will be sitting right here. i hope everybody is safe out there. have a great holiday. thanks. >> thank you. >> jamie: this week's blizzard out west did trap one family in car. they were in there for almost two days. look at that the suv covered in four feet of snow. the couple is from texas. they were with their 5-year-old daughter and they got stuck in new mexico on their way to a ski resort. the father finally got through to his brother to called the cops. dad said they had enough food and water but after a while they were rubbing out of air. the parents say they have pneumonia. both of them bu
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Dec 17, 2011 4:00pm PST
the pipe line. the key stone pipe line would run from canada to texas and create thousands of jobs along the way. mr. obama said he would postpone the decision on key stone until after the presidential election next year. the president making no reference to the pipe line today. >> i am pleased see the work that the senate has gonedone and agreement is for two months and my expectation and inexcusable for congress not to extend the tax cut for the rest of the year it should be a formality and hopefully done with as little drama as possible when they get income in january. >> the senate avoiding a shut down. and approving a spending bill to fund programs through next september. and the house passing it earlier this week and today's action not without fireworks. arizona senator john mccain. >> it is outrageous. i have amendments to save the taxpayers billions of dollars associated with this bill but never mind, because we are going to go home for christmas. >> and a legislation winning approval by scen-and a short time ago. the president signed the new spending bill in law. edhenry is live
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Dec 4, 2011 3:00am PST
site of the university of north texas. brand new video out of portland, oregon, police arresting nearly two dozen occupy protesters, and refused to take down tents and after it was cleared hundreds took to the streets and one of them setting up a tent on top of a two story building. president obama channels teddy roosevelt. he's go to talk to the public on a county campus the same city where roosevelt delivered a speech more than a hundred years ago, calling for a new nationalism. the current president is expected to make the class and the middle class isnt. imagine driving home and seeing this, a small plane making an emergency landing in the middle of the highway. it happened late last night in jacksonville, florida. the plane reportedly on the way from orlando, when the engine started to fail. fortunately, no one was hurt. those are your headlines. >> clayton: that would be a weird sight. >> dave: absolutely. all right. let's get you reich-- rick, rick some snow in my hometown, huh? a snowy colorado this weekend? >> a snowy colorado this year, a lot of snow. >> dave: a good year. >>
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Dec 18, 2011 4:00pm PST
away cart injuring seven people in texas, an electric cart with no driver plowing into a group of people after a high school football children game at cowboy stadium in arlington, the vehicle knocking one man into the passenger seat and another man jumping in and slamming on the brakes, none of the injuries is serious and the cowboys organization is investigating this incident. >> fox news on the job hunt. the u.s. unemployment rate dipping to 8.6% in november and a big reason for that drop. about 300,000 jobless people flat out stopped looking for work. here is encouragement. one industry is experiencing a major labor shortage and they're looking for people to hire and if you're looking, this is for you. claudia cowan is live for us. >> we're talking about experienced machinist the aen there are not enough of them yet their skills are in high demand and that's why hundreds of schools across the country are racing to train workers to fill scores of available jobs. >> america's economy was forged by machinists, but today, as a quarter of the nation's welders, engineers and steel
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Dec 4, 2011 6:00pm PST
presidential forum. joining us now is congressman ron paul from texas. nice to have you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, you advocate for pure constitutionalism. given that filte >> you add kate constitutionalism. what are the three primary domestic responsibilities for the federal government? >> domestic responsibilities? protecting the borders, providing a sound economy, a sound currency. that's in the constitution very clear that's a major issue and enforcing the bill of rights. that would be property rights and predom of speech. the constitution overall would be a major issue as well. >> congressman god evening to you. in 1995 we lost 168 oklahomans in a domestic terrorist attack. my assistant attorney general melissa houston is a survivor of that blast. spent many years after that utilizing tools of the patriot act fighting domestic terrorism. you have come out opposed to the patriot act due to constitutional privacy concerns. what thoughtful alternative do you have to the patriot act to prevent further acts of domestic terrorism in the future? >> the one thing is you stay yor goal
Dec 10, 2011 3:00am PST
. people trying to come together after that. >>> the supreme court has agreed to hear a challenge to texas's congressional redistricting plan. state republicans aren't real happy with the way a federal court redrew the map last month. that court was responding to a lawsuit filed on behalf of minority groups. the supreme court will hear that case in early january. >>> let's talk about newt gingrich. he says palestinians are an invented people. raising a lot of eyebrows this morning. he made the strong statement in an interview on the jewish channel. take a listen. >> i believe that the jewish people have the right to have a state and i believe that the commitments that were made at the time, remember, there was no palestine as a state. it was part of the ottoman empire. i think that we've had an invented palestinian people who are in fact asrabes. >>> he went on to say it's tragic they didn't leave instead sustaining a war against israel. he called the middle east peace process delusional. the comments were called, quote, the most racist statement i've ever seen. >>> those comments by gingr
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Dec 11, 2011 3:00am PST
and look at parts of texas and good news every time we're in texas now, we've got some of that. a little bit of icing and the western side of that. and in texas as well. the west coast, you're looking good and you see a chance for showers moving in across parts of florida. looking at your forecast for the day today. a chilly one in the northeast, and snow showers yesterday, ten inches of snow. and it turns out, and that will be more sunshine and there will be some scattered showers and watch out, but the cool day with some scattered showers, and another nice day into the northern plains and 40 degrees in minneapolis and we'll take it, when you add to that some sunshine and across the west, another sunny day and a little bit of snow flying across the northern rockies and this evening a chance for showers at parts of california much more coming up here all morning long. >> all right, looks very festive. thanks so much, rick. >> go back to myrtle beach when it's warm and play some golf. thankfully he didn't fly with alec baldwin out there. >> that's right, alec baldwin had an incident on am
Dec 17, 2011 8:00am PST
essentially campaigning. some of the candidates will be here in iowa. you've got santorum, bachmann, texas governor rick perry. in south carolina, you've got mitt romney. in virginia, newt gingerich and his wife will be sign something books, one of her new children's books. and in new hampshire, you have john puntsman. so only a few weeks away, a lot of activity. it's important for these candidates to get out there and stump. >> shannon travis, thank you, as always. >>> you can join fredericka witfield here every sunday for an entire hour dedicated to the presidential contenders in the 2012 race. >>> out of capitol hill, just finished up some work for the end of the year. a big vote just took place moments ago. kate baldwin is on capitol hill for us. this is the vote that could save people money at the beginning of the year, at least keep them from seeing a tax increase at the beginning of the year. >> chat is absolutely right. the senate passed an extension of the payroll tax cut, but only a two-month extension. we'll get a little bit more to that in a second, t.j. i do want to bring you
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Dec 10, 2011 3:00am PST
shower along the southeast florida coast and into texas. as you wake up it is cold toward the north at seven degrees in minneapolis so there is cold air out there. and cold front moving across the east but most of the showers offshore and across rhode island and cape cod and the lakes, bringing the winds over that and the colder air bringing the snow. but across the coastal areas we will see showers for the morning and the front will drift toward the east so we will see more showers around florida and the tail end of this around they next but anything to the north of that is looking absolutely beautiful today. no real problems. the high temperatures, 20's around the great lakes and 50's in texas and 70's around florida and tomorrow looking like the same. a repeat of this but cool. and dry in general. >>clayton: and now politics because tonight, this could be, perhaps, the biggest debate so for in the g.o.p. primary. because it is taking place in des moines. it is cohosted by abc and the des moines register but all eyes on what happens. hintsman is not part of it, because he is not p
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Dec 12, 2011 10:00pm PST
of entry coming from juarez to el paso or renosa to mcallen, texas. but this is the main argue in the favor of this. this is in the middle of an extremely remote area. a very small village on the mexican side. otherwise, you have literally hundreds of miles of no basically habitation on the u.s. side. it's not a place where lots of traffic is going to come true. not a place even the makes sense for drug smuggleer ospeople smugglers to cross because on the other side you have the national park servic service. they are watching their own land. less likely place for a real smuggleer to want to come through. >> greta: are you telling me it doesn't make sense if you are a drug smallerring in juarez to move your operation to this point, honor system point that once you through through the honor system there is no way to get to a market to sell your drugs? is that the explanation on the other side of this? >> the sad reality of the texas boarder in particular and i saw this with the helicopter unit of the custom and border protection in mcallen, texas, you can get through anywhere. smugglers have
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Dec 5, 2011 4:00pm PST
. storm bringing snow to texas panhandle. folks could see up to a foot in the northern rockies. janice dean is in the extreme weather center. it seems like the wild weather is on the move. >> it is, shepard. 48 hours is where that storm is going from the desert southwest all the way through texas and up to the ohio river valley and the tennessee river valley. there is the snow that we saw across the desert of new mexico, also parts of arizona, el paso getting snow right now. let's take a look at parts of texas that got some seasonal snow. their first seasonal snow abilene and lubbock, odessa, am morrill low, schools were delayed thousands without power. that's going to continue because the temperatures are cold enough for snow. take a look, shepard. we are dealing with temperatures like 7 bolder, 20 in albuquerque, 29 in dallas, 26 in kansas city. ahead of that cold front that's where we are seeing warmer than average temperatures in new york city at 52. >> shepard: i will say. it doesn't feel like december. out west the winds are kicking up again in the los angeles area. >> we still h
Dec 17, 2011 5:30pm PST
. >> nearly 8,000 miles away in ft. hood, texas the wait is almost over. 5-year-old scotty matthews, clutching his papa bear is counting the days. latasha green and children are counting the hours. >> our family will be complete. >> reporter: their soldier started the long trip home more than a week ago. james quarter, larry green and theron matthews, three men, 11 iraq tours between them. >> what has been lost here and what has been gained here is close to my heart. >> reporter: but as they left iraq, their thoughts were only on that one place, nearly $8,000 mi miles away. larry green hasn't seen any one of his three children, first step or heard their first words and now, after all of those years, all of those tours, the moment. 5-year-old scotty matthews, marked the days off on a calendar by his bed and every night, reading the book with his dad's photos in it. now, scott's dad is home to read the book to his son. the most simple of joy, being shared across the nation tonight by military families, who have sacrificed so much. martha raddatz, abc news, baghdad. >> a dad's kiss for his little
Dec 10, 2011 6:30pm EST
make nutrition possible. >>> some big headlines this week from a major cancer conference in texas including a new treatment for women in the advanced stages of breast cancer, using a drug already on the market to treat kidney and pancreatic cancers. and now there's word of some promising news for women fighting woumpb the most aggressive forms of the disease. we get the details tonight from our chief science correspondent robert bizell. >> reporter: not only did rebekah freedman of los angeles have breast cancer but a particular form of the disease with a protein called her 2. it appears in about one in five breast cancers and can make them very aggressive. so freedman, who is now cancer free, volunteered to take part in a clinical trial to find the best way to treat her cancer. even without knowing what drugs she would get. >> it's well worth doing it. because i have this little girl that i want to survive for. >> reporter: there was already a drug on the market to treat her two breast cancers, an anti-body called receptin but at the san antonio breast cancer symposium this week,
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Dec 17, 2011 3:00am PST
to find a job. how you can help our heroes find a job. >>alisyn: it pays to get pulled over in texas. ú daddy, come in the water! somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to theool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. >>dave: florida millionaire bob ward is trading in his mansion for a jail cell. the former real estate mogul sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering his wife. he claims he shot her by accident. while trying to stop her from shooting herself. but a jury not bying it. and usually getting pulled over is a bad thing but not if you are in texas, police there now pulling over good drivers and giving them $10 gift cards instead of traffic tickets. the money coming from donations to the police department. but clayton, you still have to go through the horror of seeing the lights and wondering why you got pulled over. >>clayton: never experienced that. flawless record here. a tough economy for
Dec 14, 2011 7:00pm PST
'm a graduate of texas a and m university. two members were charged for hazing. in 1984 a corps cadet died going through exercises. what you have here, vow historically white fraternities and sororities and hazing as well. hazing is about culture. it is about institution where you largely have young folks who are in control of the institutions and so they're doing what they need to do. you have two things going on. you have also alumni members, graduate members who have a belief that, if you want to go through what i went through, i have a greater appreciation of you as a member. so if you don't go through it, then i don't regard you in the same way. so that kind of peer pressure is applied. i still have people writing on my facebook and twitter page saying if you're a paper member of the fraternity if you didn't go through that test that i went through. what is needed is obviously for peers. you can have all of the rules in place, but what you have to have is peers saying i cannot allow this because you're not going to tarnish our reputation and put us in jeopardy by your actions. that's the mo
Dec 21, 2011 4:00pm PST
from texas, co-chair of the deficit super committee which, of course, sir, i want to talk about. let me start first with this payroll issue. how is this going to end? >> well, i wish i new, erin. my mother-in-law says the least you can do is show up. we're waiting for our democratic colleagues to at least show up and negotiate. what's a little bit ironic here is that there's only one body of congress that has given the president what he claimed he wanted, and that is the house. the house passed a bill that extends the social security payroll tax holiday. the senate didn't do that. the house passed a deal that extended the extended unemployment insurance for a year. the senate didn't do that. the president said, we need to work over the holidays. we have members of congress in washington right now tonight waiting on their democratic colleagues to come and work. it's ironic that it's the house that's giving the president what he says he wants. yet he criticizes us. i hope we can get this done. it's also ironic, the reason we're here, frankly, is because the president's economic policies h
Dec 4, 2011 5:00am PST
a rousing welcome from family and friends at ft. hood in texas. when you've been gone for months at a time in a war zone, one kiss from your daughter just isn't enough. >> i can have a kiss? give me one more kiss. one more. one more. >>> in a denver shopping mall -- >> have you been good this year? >> a special santa with the ability to speak in sign language. where he learned how to do it? a bit special. >> last year two little boys asked me how i learned sign language. i told him santa had two elves that were deaf and they showed san santa. you should have seen the look on their face, there was deaf elves. that was my favorite moment. >> that has to be our special cross-country moment as well. >>> at 13 minutes past the hour. let's say good morning it our good friend joe carter, hln sports. bcs? just take out the "c." a lot of people will tell you and that's what you got. we have another mess that will always be controversial. >> always. what we know for certain is lsu is without a doubt the best college team in football. they proved that again last night. they show even though they don'
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Dec 21, 2011 7:00pm PST
friends. remember when carter inviteed ping to this country and he was in texas and this is the first time a chinese premier came to the country and look at the wonderful things that happened in our relationship of reaching out and talking. if a president right now, i think, would reach out early in this young man's term, it would be huge. >> greta: it's interesting, having traveled there three times with you, you know, the people are so sealed off from the world. they have no idea. just to consider cracking that wall a little bit. they near fear of us. they think we are trying to kill them every single day. you would think that this might be an opportunity to crack that eighths bit. >> kim jong il was aphrased of flying. he only travel to the soviet union and to china for his son, who we have been told was educated probably in switzerland. he has traveled. and it's a great opportunity for this administration to neutralize this issue in the korean peninsula by reaching out and making a friend of this guy. >> yon i don't think people realize even how much samaritans first has done in terms
Dec 14, 2011 5:00pm PST
obstacles, create hardships, create chaos. for example, if you take a look at the hispanic vote in texas, it's been closed down by gerrymandering, to where hispanics have almost no input in the political process. the next step is to do that same thing with minorities of all kinds. the poor, with students, with the elderly. what you're seeing them do is this. it's a -- if you go state to state, this is the same pattern. allow fewer voting stations in certain places. allow very fewer voting attendants to be at the voting stations. make the convenience issue almost impossible, to where people don't want to show up to vote. what we see is we see situations where their intent is to create chaos. to keep people away from -- >> these advocates that are out there fighting for voters' rights, what can they do at this point? >> well, the 1965 voting rights act is a strong act, ed. it's been ignored for too long. as a matter of fact, three years ago, the u.s. justice department was told that this pattern was taking place. what i like about the act, lbj pushed this act through. you know what he did, ed?
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 230 (some duplicates have been removed)